May 22nd, 2004


A year on LJ

I've had a pretty awful day, all told. Despite the bright sunshine, I've spent most of it either shivering or in bed, due to a nasty feverish cold. I finally got up at around 4 o'clock, obviously starving since I hadn't been able to face cooking or eating at lunchtime, and tried to make some mushroom soup. For some reason the safety on my blender decided not to work, so I got drenched with near-boiling soup. (Yuh, I know I probably should have left it to cool before I blended it. I'm stupid, and impatient, and doubly so when I'm not well anyway.)

Being dumb at handling this sort of situation, I stood there swearing at the machine for several seconds before I realized that I needed to remove my top and prevent the scalding liquid from coming into contact with my skin. I wasn't particularly troubled by the fact that the children playing outside found this hilarious because they could see my bra, but it didn't exactly improve my mood. Then, in further stupidity, I started trying to clean up the mess before I got round to attending to my injuries. As a result I have nasty scalds over a large part of my left arm and a small part of my cleavage, and am not a very happy bunny.

In less bad news, I have had my journal for exactly a year today. I was going to do word counts and stats and stuff, but at this rate it's not going to happen. I will point out, though, that I have read exactly 50 books in that space of time, and reviewed 35 of them. The most recent review being Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light which you can read by following the link. Anyway, thanks so much to everyone who has made LJ such a pleasant experience.
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