August 8th, 2004


Using LJ to make major life decisions

So, guys, what should I do with my life? Or more specifically, where should I be looking to work for the next couple of years?

I spoke to my Überboss last week, and he said I'm infinitely employable. Now this is partly just Überboss D's usual over-enthusiasm. But working on the assumption that I'm highly employable as a post-doc in a biosciences, particularly cancer or drug development related field, where should I apply?

If you happen to know something about good places to do bioscience post-docs, then great! But I'd also like suggestions on where I should aim for geographically. I can pretty much be anywhere in the (first) world. I'm sort of leaning towards continental Europe, but not ruling out Canada, Australia, the anglophone parts of the Far East, Israel, or I could possibly be persuaded to stay in the UK. I probably am ruling out the USA, but I'm open to argument on that score. And yes, getting to live near cool people does count as an argument.
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