August 11th, 2004


Mild Rant: daft crush meme

A while ago, rysmiel said: If there's a meme you're sick to death of going around your friends-list, post this exact sentence in your LiveJournal.
And I've been waiting for an opportunity to pass this on, because I love the meta-memage, but I'm too literal to post it unless it actually applies. But the 'crush' meme (you know the one I mean; I'm not doing them the favour of linking) is the perfect excuse.

The security aspect is completely blah as far as I'm concerned. Yes, they may be trying to steal your password and / or sell your information. No, they have no means of verifying that the person who signed up is who they say they are. None of these things is a cause for hysteria as far as I'm concerned. If you think someone might misuse information, well, don't give them the information, then. Duh.

But even assuming the meme is completely honest, it's annoying. How about we behave like adults and tell people if we fancy them, while being prepared to handle it if our feelings are not reciprocated? Is that so hard to grasp? How about we don't engage in stupid contests to see who's the most fanciable, or stupid primary school style giggling and insinuation about people being attracted to eachother?

If you want to know, I am attracted to precisely two people on my friends list, and they both know how I feel. One of them is lethargic_man, my boyfriend of two years standing (I mean, can you even handle the excitement?) and the other knows exactly why nothing is going to happen between us, the existing commitment being one major reason. There are also two of my exes here; they haven't got any less attractive since we split up, but they are definitely not in the potential partners category. Also not exactly world-shaking news.

Then there are lots of people I consider in principle attractive but whom I'm not interested in personally. And a largely overlapping set of people that I could potentially be attracted to in the right circumstances and if they expressed interest in me. There is absolutely no-one who would offend me by being attracted to me, and there is absolutely no-one (apart from the aforementioned boyfriend) I would be in the least interested in pursuing any kind of sexual interaction with.

Since we are all sensible adults, we can make better uses of our time and energy than behaving like idiots who would be despicable to a class of twelve-year-olds. For example, we could be reading and thinking about greengolux's really interesting post about the intersection between sex, friendship and love and the way they are perceived in society and how slash fiction plays into the equation. Now that's the kind of thing that I'm happy to see on my friends page!
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Wet (and not in a good way)

Today doesn't like me. Today I waited at home half the morning in order to return a phone message left by the guy who is repairing my computer. However, he neglected to mention in his phone message that his shop is closed on Wednesdays.

Today it was absolutely pouring with mislocated monsoon type rain by the time I got out of the house, so I was soaked to the skin standing at the bus stop.

Today I got into work dripping wet three minutes before I had a meeting with the high throughput screening people that nobody had bothered to inform me about. OK, the meeting was productive, but gah. Communication in this department leaves something to be desired.

Today I wrestled with some rather inadequate data and made very slow progress on incorporating it into my thesis.

Today the combination of poor productivity and still not having my computer back meant that I was the only person left in the lab when the fucking freezer failed at half past seven. So I spent this evening moving stuff to the backup freezer, which wasn't empty because it never is. This process involves burning myself repeatedly on metal things which, while rather warmer than they should be due to the freezer problem, are still at -40°C. And also, getting completely covered in ice which, on contact with my body, rapidly turns into water. So, guess what? I'm soaked through again.

Also, as a result of thinking it would be witty to start all my paragraphs with the word 'Today' I have managed to earworm myself with a really, really bad liturgical song where the word 'hayom' (today) is repeated over and over again until it makes me want to scream. Though obviously I don't scream with frustration in the middle of a service. But sometimes I really hate the way my brain works.

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