September 4th, 2004


Entirely gratuitous phone post

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“Hi, this is <lj user=livredor>, otherwise known as Rachel.
I saw that <lj user=chocoholic> had posted a UK number for 'phone posts, so I thought I'd have a go, mainly on the same thinking as I posted a bunch of pictures of me, 'cos there are quite a few people reading this by now who don't know what my voice sounds like, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to try a 'phone post. It's sort of a cliché people talk about liking the sound of their own voice - that's definitely true for me, because I talk far too much and always ramble on and all my posts are way too long and not at all concise, but I also like literally the sound of my voice, which is a very vain thing to say, but I think it's one of my good features. One of the most flattering things that anyone ever said to me was Darcy's old choirmaster who said I ought to sing because I have a nice speaking voice. Of course, I can't sing at all - I can't hold a tune but I was very pleased about that. I also don't have any content at all, so this is going to sound completely ridiculous, but hey, let's give this a go and see what it sounds like. Having said I like my voice, I probably don't like it as much recorded - it'll make me cringe when I actually hear this; but never mind - this is just a sample of how I talk and if it seems popular, then maybe I'll try making audio posts with some actual content. All right then - bye-bye!”

Transcribed by: pseudomonas

Addendum 4.9.04: The phone number in question is 0870 340 1388, if you're interested :-)
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