September 28th, 2004


Dex: 2, Will: 2

I forgot to include in my description of this year's Yom Kippur that during Kol Nidrei I managed to catch my hair (which I was wearing loose for the fast) in the shabbat candles. My mother has been telling me my whole life that if I insist on having long hair I'm going to set it on fire one of these days and I'm most peeved that she was proved right.

No harm was done; before I really figured out why the community were shrieking all of a sudden, a pile of people had jumped on me to smack the flames out. You wouldn't even look at me and say, what on earth have you done to your hair?! I'm glad I didn't get burnt, but given that I wasn't hurt, I'm also extremely glad that my hair was thick enough to keep the flame from damaging my antique silk tallit. My tallit which I only wear on Yom Kippur because it's too fragile and precious to wear regularly.

The only consequences were that I was extremely embarrassed, and my hair smelt quite shockingly sulphurous for most of the rest of the day (since I couldn't wash it until the fast went out either).
I have spent far too much of today on pointless bureaucracy. In order to be on the books as a student continuing into my fourth year (though hopefully I won't need anything like the whole year), I had to wander round half the hospital where no-one knew what was supposed to be going on, and eventually got sent into town where I was bounced about a lot between the Registry and the Financial Office. At some point I succeeded in handing over the requisite £60, and hopefully that is sorted.

Anyway, this is mildly annoying but not really journal-worthy. The real problem is that the Evil CD shop of DOOM (aka Groucho's) lies right in my path to get to the university offices. So somehow or other it happened that just as I was going past it (yes, honestly!) I remembered that since I'm spending so much time sitting at my computer these days, I'm getting tired of most of my very small music collection. And before I knew it I had spent £25 on CDs. In my defence it was nine CDs, three of which I actually positively wanted: Alice Cooper's greatest hits, Joy Division: Unknown pleasures (which I loved when I borrowed it from the library), and All About Eve: Scarlet and other stories. Incidentally, all three of those artists I discovered thanks to doseybat's amazing compilation tapes!

And the remaining 6 I probably didn't need, but they were cheap (the three really good ones accounted for more than half the too much money) and they're good to have anyway. I did manage to resist albums by Tori Amos, Puressence and Soundgarden, on the basis that they were not my preferred works by those artists. But still, it's probably best if I stay away from that shop (and from eBay, don't even get me started on the addictiveness and general evil of eBay) in future.
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