October 9th, 2004


First attempt at digital photography

Well, I've had a fun morning wandering around this part of Dundee taking random snaps. I'm hoping to use some of these as a counter-argument to all the people who are convinced Dundee is ugly without ever having set eyes on the place! Also, they might be interesting to rysmiel; most of these, believe it or not, are taken from along the route we walked when you were here. When it was so foggy we couldn't see the other side of the street, let alone the far distance!

I'm not wild about these at all. I was forced to use the automatic settings on the camera, because I didn't have enough battery to use the manual functions which require the display screen to be active. I had charged the batteries for a full 24 hours beforehand; I'm thinking this means I need new batteries. And the computer was getting confused by most of my compositions, focusing on random objects in the foreground when I was trying to take panorama shots, and being unable to determine the appropriate light settings to see strong light / shadow contrasts. I couldn't really avoid the latter at noon on a sunny day.

This made it kind of frustrating, because I kept seeing lots of shots that I knew perfectly well how to handle with my analogue camera and having no way of making the digital camera do what I wanted. I think having access to the manual overrides will help a bit, but it's going to take me some time before I'm comfortable with using them. I really wish I'd taken more photos in Dundee before my film camera broke, though obviously I didn't know it was going to.

Anyway, the expedition had the merit of getting me out of the house; without the new camera to tempt me I might have missed a lovely sunny autumn morning. And in Observatory Park I ran into a bunch of weirdoes in full LARP gear and waving light sabres - the Dundee Roleplaying crowd, of course. Somewhat disturbingly, pretty much the whole group have different hairstyles from the way I'd been picturing them mentally, which shows how long it's been since I did any kind of socializing. But anyway, that was fun.
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