October 17th, 2004


Travelling: Glasgow

I spent Saturday (yesterday) in Glasgow, because my parents were there for a wedding, and the most logistically sensible plan (FCVO sensible) seemed to be for me to join them for the day. Anyway, despite the excessive travelling (involving leaving the house at quarter past seven on Saturday morning *shudder*) it was a fun, relaxing day and gave me a needed break, as well as the chance to spend time with my parents.

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Yay for seeing my parents when they don't have a million things to stress about. I'm really glad they made the trip for the wedding, because it's been an ideal holiday for them. My mother especially; her best friend from university is the mother of the groom, and spending time with her has obviously done Maman all the good in the world. And I think the parents appreciate spending time together without Granny breathing down their necks, and getting a short holiday from all the stuff that they worry about the rest of the time. And my mother caught me up on all kinds of gossip and Dad was randomly geeky at me, and it was generally lovely and good for me too. Yay parents.
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