December 1st, 2004



I'm going to be published!

I started writing this paper in about April, submitted it in June, heard back in August that it needed revisions, rewrote it, resubmitted it in November, and finally today, I got the notice that the revised version is to be published in International Journal of Cancer some time in the new year.

I'm the first author, with my two bosses, the tame chemist and his boss, and JW (whom I've referred to as the Levite). So yay, I have a paper all my very own. My CV finally starts to look a bit less empty. And the gradual erosion of my confidence due to my slowness at finishing my thesis is at least a little alleviated. I not only can make a contribution to my field, but I actually have. So it's another step on the way to being a real scientist.
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