December 3rd, 2004


End of week catch-up

So I did my jury service this week, and actually got allocated to a case, and it was really interesting and stuff, but I'm not allowed to talk about it. How to torture a blogger without even trying: expose her to a really fascinating experience and then forbid her to discuss it ever with anyone at all.

Instead of a report on secret legal stuff that I'm not allowed to discuss, have a review of Daniel Dennett's Freedom Evolves.

This evening I was extremely virtuous and went swimming (despite the fact that this involved venturing out into the rainy, cold darkness. Even knowing that I was going to have to do the same again later on, but with wet hair.) This is the start of my new-found resolution that I am actually going to get a decent amount of exercise while I'm writing up. Sitting at my computer all day every day is bad for me. 10 lengths, which is not much but it did raise my heart-rate for the requisite 20 minutes. And I'm planning to build that up as I get back into the habit of physical activity.

Conveniently, there is also a psychological benefit to making myself go swimming regardless of the bad associations I now have with swimming pools. I haven't swum since 2002, and I think that's mainly just not getting round to it rather than being scared to, but still, I'm glad that I did it and didn't freak out. I couldn't dive though. I may at some point, but then again, I was never particularly keen on diving anyway.
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