December 20th, 2004


Book: Two Worlds / Promised Land

Author: David Daiches

Details: (c) 1957, 1997 David Daiches ; Pub 1997 Canongate Books; ISBN 0-86241-704-X

Verdict: Two Worlds is an interesting biography and piece of social history

Reasons for reading it / how it came into my hands: I deliberately headed to my parents' without enough books for the return journey, knowing I'd be able to borrow something from them. So I asked Maman for something she thought I'd like, that was in the format of a fairly small paperback and that she could spare if it ended up in Dundee until next time I see the parents.

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I've had a wonderful week away, and now I'm back in Dundee, and back on LJ. I've caught up with my flist at least approximately (but do point me to anything you really want me to see). And I have teeeeeeeea.

Apologies to all the fascinating strangers who were so kind as to join in my discussion on feminism; I have a bad habit of locking posts where I detail my movements, until I get back, so it must have looked to you as if I'd abandoned the discussion in the middle. I am planning to come back to it, though.

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Also, apologies to pseudomonas and neonchameleon for not following through on plans to meet up. The week ended up being shorter than I'd realized it was. And to darcydodo for my failure to be available when you phoned.
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Single at last!

Well, it's taken me six years, but finally, I am not in any relationship and I have no prospect of being in any relationship. You might have thought that an ambition for singlehood would be easy to achieve, since it's pretty much the default state and plenty of people end up that way even though they're making serious effort to avoid being single. Not me. I've had very strange luck, and it's led to several really wonderful relationships, so wonderful that they overcame my basic dislike of that sort of thing.

And yes, I am going to get severely laughed at if I do end up getting together with someone, even more than I got laughed at the last three times this kind of thing happened. But I'm sufficiently confident that isn't going to happen this time to run the risk of humiliation by gloating about being single! Just in case anyone is confused about this, this is not a cue for someone to ask me out in order to prove me wrong. Much less a hint along the lines of, oh look, I'm lonely and available, someone please show some interest!

*deep breath*

The less positive side of this is that the way I got to be single was by bringing to a close my two-year relationship with lethargic_man. I'm posting this here mainly because I don't want to have to repeat the information any more times than necessary. I'm not miserable about it; we planned this more or less from the beginning, and I am very convinced that it was the right thing to do. So please, if you can possibly bear to refrain from expressing sympathy, I'd really appreciate not having to go through the explanation of why I'm not in the emotional state typically associated with breakups.

That doesn't mean I'm absolutely over the moon about this. I really, really like and admire and, yes, love lethargic_man, and I really, really liked going out with him. I may post to expand on that later, but the main point I want to make is that, just because I'm not looking for sympathy, you shouldn't assume that I'm celebrating either.
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