December 23rd, 2004


Travelling: SE England II

Tuesday evening I went to London to split up with lethargic_man. Londoners are really stupid. I was in the depths of a Northern Line station when there was a security alert. So instead of evacuating the station as fast as possible, people hung around bitching about how inconvenient it was to have security alerts, arguing with the station staff to try and be allowed on the platform, and stopping in the entrance to get out their mobile phones and tell people they were going to be late. I can't help wondering how many people are going to have to get killed - chas ve'chalilah - to get these daft sheep to understand how to respond to security alerts. And it doesn't have to be a terrorist attack; it could just as easily be an accident. Maybe that's why the Kings Cross fire of a few years ago was so devastating.

Anyway, I made it to central London. On the whole, the experience was pretty much like any other evening lethargic_man and I have spent together. We drank tea, and talked about everything we could think of, and pointed cool things out to eachother, and studied a bit of Talmud, and snuggled as much as we could get away with in public. Actually, I think I'm going to miss that more than the directly sexual side of the relationship: just the affectionate touching, the holding hands and stroking eachother's hair and sitting curled up together. But yeah, we thoroughly enjoyed eachother's company as we always do. I think at some level I was sort of hoping for a last minute reprieve, but it didn't happen, and we said goodbye as planned.

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I pilfered Screwy's copy of Kim while I was staying with him, so I've now reviewed it.
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