December 24th, 2004


Return, my soul, to your rest

So, Hengrave.

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I always imagine, coming away from Hengrave, that I'm never going to be miserable or grouchy or snarky or skeptical about religion again, and of course that exalted mood never does last. But I have taken great strength and spiritual renewal from the weekend. Also, I think that my openness towards other people, which is a good quality both morally and because it has led to many wonderful interactions that I would have missed if I didn't have this quality, is something I learnt at Hengrave. I'm a better person because of this place and the unique atmosphere that the community create, and I'm also a happier person for spending time there. It's also pretty amazing that this is a gift of holiness that a Christian community have given to me, as a non-Christian.
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    Psalm 116