December 31st, 2004


Happy new year!

Nothing much to report here; I've had a quiet week, with a couple of excessively long days in the lab and then back to working on my thesis. Apologies to all the people I fretted at (including in a friends locked post here) because I was going a bit bonkers from lack of human contact. I'm in a much better mood now, after some happy phone and IM conversations.

Also, two of the presents that didn't make it on my birthday arrived today. So now I have a fair amount of money (ok, some of it's earmarked, but still) and a pile of books and these things are both cheering. Many thanks to rysmiel for the latter present. Yay bookies.

And I've written a couple more book reviews: The War of the Worlds and Two Worlds. I wanted to do something clever with the similarity of the titles but I'm feeling uninspired just now.

Anyway, Happy new year to all!
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