April 17th, 2005


Travelling: Nottingham

I have spent over 16 hours travelling in the past two days in order to go to my sister's 21st. This is probably an indication that I'm completely mad, but I'm glad I did it anyway.

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OK, so I'm dog-tired and my nose and throat are irritated by all the cigarette smoke which is also making my hair and clothes smell disgusting. But it was a fun weekend and it's very lovely to have the freedom to do crazy things like that!

Book: The Autograph Man

Author: Zadie Smith

Details: (c) Zadie Smith 2002; Pub 2002 Hamish Hamilton; ISBN 0-241-13998-8

Verdict: The Autograph Man has its moments, but it's nothing special overall.

Reasons for reading it: I absolutely adored White Teeth, so I pretty much had to read Smith's second novel, and that's even aside from the fact that this one has a Jewish theme.

How it came into my hands: Lochee Library.

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