May 30th, 2005


Spoilt for choice

So when I found my Amélie icon, catwithclaws pointed me to a whole collection of alternatives. I hated nearly all of them, except one by sevenages. So the question is, should I change over to this one?

The advantage of the icon I have at the moment is that it's most delightfully mischievous, and it looks like an icon, rather than a random 100x100 crop from a film still. The advantage of the alternative is that Amélie is drinking tea and I definitely need more tea references for my journal. And it's more original in a way.

And I can't decide between them. Yeah, I could have both, but then I'd have this dilemma every time I wanted to make a post! Solution: post a poll and obey the will of the majority.

Poll #503221 Amelie

Pick one...

new amelie with tea
old mischievous amelie
Today is the 36th day, making 5 complete weeks and one day of the Omer
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