June 1st, 2005



My friends list is full of brilliance right now. Two absolutely classic short remarks that should be brought to more general attention:

- mummimamma overheard a fantastic comment on gender representation in SF.

- hatam_soferet is wittier than witty on the subject of procrastination. jillt's comment makes it even funnier. (And I myself am procrastinating by posting to link to a post about procrastination, for that matter.)

I could post these to metaquotes, but hey. I'm more interested in sharing a laugh with my friends than a bunch of random strangers.

Unrelatedly, would any German speakers reading this like to suggest me some plausible names for German towns? I'm playing Civ and my empire has got so big that the computer has run out of names and started again from the beginning. It breaks my head having two Hamburgs and two Berlins and stuff, so I need new names. They can be real or fictional, silly or sensible, names of tiny little villages are also fine. Thanks.

Today is the 38th day, making 5 complete weeks and 3 days of the Omer.