June 9th, 2005

livre d'or


This is sort of a meme (well, in the pedantic sense, obviously it's a meme, but setting that aside). Lots of people have been talking about converting people to a new reading genre. The first example I saw was chez misia; she got over 300 comments but then she has a huge friends list. Other relevant bits: rho requests out-of-genre recs; shreena asks why people read SF/F. There's a relevant Making Light post too but it's from ages ago, and I have it bookmarked at work not here and I'm never going to find it in the archives by looking for 'book' or 'science fiction'!

So my take on it is this:
  • Do you have a preferred genre?
  • If so, why? What's good about it?
  • If you don't care for genre distinctions, why not?
  • If you wanted to convert someone who doesn't read your genre, which titles would you recommend?
  • Why did you make those choices?
Please assume for the purposes of these questions that mainstream counts as a genre. Otherwise there are going to be too many branching alternatives and it'll get annoying. Also, this is the kind of meme that makes sense as a post in your journal as much as a comment to this post; I'd love a comment with a link, but a long comment here is fine too.

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Today is the 46th day, making 6 complete weeks and 4 days of the Omer.
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Still happy

I am about to miss the deadline for finishing my corrections in time to graduate this summer, but I can't find it in my heart to be down about this. I randomly borrowed London Calling and the D'Oyly Carte Patience from the library yesterday, and listening to them has been making me happy. And I decided I really wasn't going to work flat out on the corrections in order to finish them today, so instead I went to sit outside in the sunshine and read The whim of the dragon, which is the kind of book that makes me grin and grin and grin. Thank you for such a lovely present, rysmiel!

General life stuff is going well for me. I have fixed a date to move to Cambridge (22 June, if you're particularly interested in my movements), and all the logistical annoying stuff is falling into place very nicely. And having a date means I'm going to stop drifting and get on with stuff; I'm afraid that I rather need to be obliged to. I've been invited to a youth interfaith conference at the weekend which is going to be absolutely gorgeous.

I saw something which led me to think I'd inadvertently caused someone horrible offence. But we talked about it and she reassured me that it wasn't my fault. Communication is such a good thing.

Also, my little brother the Thuggish Poet turns 23 today. Happy birthday to him.
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