June 12th, 2005


My other love

With the thesis eating my life for more months than I want to count, I've been completely out of the interfaith scene. These last few weeks I've been taking it up again, mostly in a reconnecting with my old friends sort of way, as there's not a lot of point in getting deeply involved in planning when I'm only here for a couple of weeks.

I started with a committee meeting of the Dundee Inter Faith crowd, and I don't normally get excited about committee meetings, but this one was really lovely; they made a big fuss over me, and gave me a card, and there was a lot of just catching up with eachother's lives; some of the regular members have become friends (they are between 30 and 50 years older than me, mind).

This reminded me of a long planned Rotary interfaith event. Said event involved more children being consciously cute than is normally to my taste, but it was a well-attended and successful event. And lots more of the interfaith crowd were really happy to see me; I was basically mobbed from the moment I walked in, and as soon as the formal part of the proceedings ended. It made a really lovely way to say goodbye to people.

One of the people there was Maureen, who runs the Scottish Inter Faith Council. She invited me to join her youth interfaith crew for a retreat this weekend. I was a bit unsure of this, as I haven't really been part of that group for over a year, but Maureen assured me they'd be delighted to have me. She didn't underestimate her group; they were incredibly welcoming and seemed genuninely pleased that I was able to join them.

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This has been a weekend full of joy.

Today is the 49th and final day of the Omer, making seven complete weeks.


...to MK and Mrs K, who celebrate their sixth anniversary today. It scares me that I have friends my age who have been married that long, and it scares me how long ago 1999 was. And that the Most Adorable Boy in the World will be six before the summer's out.

MK is still chuckling over the fact that pseudomonas and I walked all the way across London due to pseudomonas's "religious fundamentalism", as MK likes to call it. Mainly because he likes to wind me up, rather than because he really can't tell the difference between a strict interpretation of shabbat and a desire to attack people who don't share one's religious views.

Things are going well for all three of them in Melbourne, by the way. I've been chatting to MK over IM a couple of times recently. It's good to see him happy, and wonderful as always to talk to him.
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