July 2nd, 2005


Very speedy update

I have lots of stuff I want to write about, including four book reviews and an account of a lovely day and a half with hatam_soferet and pseudomonas. However, I didn't get to the computer until now so it's probably best not to start series of long posts.

I owe lots of people LJ comments and email, and I'm not really going to be able to deal with this when I don't get online until 10:30 or later maybe every other day at most. I am however taking steps to remedy this highly unsatisfactory situation (with lots of help from pseudomonas). So I will be back in touch soon. In the meantime, continue phoning if you need me; anything else is taking days for me to see and might not get a reply at all. And general apologetic and affectionate thoughts go out in various directions.

Short version: *waves* to oxfordgirl. My sister is a brilliant cook. My latest stupidity injury is healing nicely. Ely is very pretty. I love my friends very very very much, and having pseudomonas and hatam_soferet simultaneously within hugging range is making me very happy.
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livre d'or

Book: A passionate man

Author: Joanna Trollope

Details: (c) Joanna Trollope 1990; Pub Black Swan 1993; ISBN 0-552-99442-1

Verdict: A passionate man displays Trollope's exquisite characterization to great effect, but as a whole is rather depressing.

Reasons for reading it: It was to hand and Trollope novels are a rather superior form of mind candy.

How it came into my hands: Trawling Ely charity shops with hatam_soferet and pseudomonas.

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