August 18th, 2005


A heap more cool people

Wow. I've had a very sociable few days, yay.

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Today is my last day in New York. My cursed sandals have fallen apart, which is making me less keen to try to cram in a last few hours of tourist stuff. hatam_soferet left for work early this morning, as she does, so goodness only knows when I'll next get to see her. I miss her already; it's really pleasing how well we got on even living together for several weeks, and I so wish it could be longer.

I am full of rather frustrated communicative energy just now. The Kamtza and bar Kamtza discussion is getting more fascinating all the time, loads of fun ideas being bounced around. And lots of my friends are going through major decisions and life-changing events at the moment. I want to chew over various complicated issues with people I'm close to, and express sympathy and support at people I'm just getting to know. And I'm itching to get back to long ongoing conversations with lethargic_man and rysmiel (together and separately), and I really need to write to all my NOLJ people before we fall badly out of touch. Trouble is, I'm sleep deprived and not hugely verbal and overwhelmed by how many different conversations I want to dive into. And if I sit here any longer staring at a computer screen without even getting dressed, I am going to end up in a bad mental place.

Enormous group hug to everyone reading, for a start.

Heading home

I've managed to pack everything, including all the bookies I've acquired (like Abraham acquiring souls). Now I need to get this lot, which is both large and heavy, back to my parents'. Most of the next 15 hours or so (all being well) looks like this: subway-airtrain-checkin-plane-another plane-customs-bus-another bus. Many steps which could go wrong and which will probably be unpleasant and tiring even if they don't. I have also fixed my sandal with gaffer tape but I have a feeling it's not going to hold that well.

I still hate geography, and I wish I could extend my holiday. But there are people I love back on my side of the Atlantic as well as in this continent, which is some consolation.
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Book: Zeitgeist

Author: Bruce Sterling

Details: (c) 2000 Bruce Sterling; Pub Bantam Spectra 2001; ISBN 0-553-57641-0

Verdict: Zeitgeist is way too cool for me.

Reasons for reading it: rysmiel told me to (rather forcefully, I should add), in order to C&C with American Gods.

How it came into my hands: I bought it new in a large commercial bookshop in Montreal. Which is a very unusual occurrence for me, but then new books in Canada are sensibly priced, and it seemed like a bad plan to argue with rysmiel just then.

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