August 25th, 2005



So, um, I'm supposed to be going to LC's wedding this weekend in Manchester. Knowing that it would be hard to find accommodation over the bank holiday weekend, I booked a B&B before I left for America (that is five weeks ago). I wrote down the details of my booking on a piece of paper. You can see where this is going, right? I've lost the piece of paper, and now I have no memory of where on earth I've booked. I'm trying desperately to reproduce the searches I did to find this B&B and I'm completely drawing a blank.

Also, I have somehow managed to delete my entire bookmark file from Mozilla. I have no idea how I did this, maybe pressed the wrong key combination at the wrong moment? This is a minor pain and most of it can be recreated with google and duplicated versions of it elsewhere. But just, argh.
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Misc notes

I never found the piece of paper with my crucial information. But I was able to reconstruct the searches I did to look for a B&B and identify the correct place where I do, in fact, have a booking.

Last night, someone I'm very fond of but whom I hadn't talked to in ages messenged me. This made me very happy indeed.

I need a few more icons, I think. One to cover general geekiness, as opposed to linguistics- and biology-related geekiness. I think one for pretty things and culture, other than the alphabets one I use for that purpose at the moment, and possibly a separate one for music. I could consider one for travelling and tourism, but it would probably end up being a picture of a specific place which isn't really what I'm after. And one for talking about food.

For the last category, monanotlisa took a photo of the high tea we (Mona, darcydodo and I) enjoyed in San Francisco. She made me an über professional icon which I'm not using because I don't like looking at pictures of me in profile. But instead I made this icon from her photo. Comments and constructive criticism welcome.

Also, I've put up reviews of Neil Gaiman: American Gods and Bruce Sterling: Zeitgeist.
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