August 30th, 2005


Sorting out

I was a good girl and went for an optician's checkup today. There is nothing physically wrong with my eyes, (my prescription has changed by a quarter of a point diopter in 5 years). The optician defined the vision problems I've been experiencing sporadically as "visual migraines", and thinks they may be caused by high blood pressure. So I'm going to get that checked out tomorrow. High blood pressure is a lot less scary than some of the stuff I'd been imagining; there are well-defined things you can do about it.

Also, I have come to a decision that I do want the job I've been talking about in friends locked posts. So I have booked flights to Australia for mid November, with a stopover in Singapore so I can see SC. Many thanks to everyone who encouraged me and gave me sensible advice.

lethargic_man, you might like this silly discussion about bentsching from baraita. Anyone else who likes puns relating to bits of Jewish liturgy might also enjoy it, but I'm not sure how many of those are reading other than beckyzoole herself.