September 22nd, 2005


Book: Nobody's Son

Author: Sean Stewart

Details: (c) 1995 Sean Stewart; Pub Ace 1995; ISBN 0-441-00128-9

Verdict: Nobody's son is really sweet!

Reasons for reading it: I've been wandering around London, and the book I was intending to read next I don't have in a format that I can put in my handbag, so I grabbed something more portable.

How it came into my hands: Present from rysmiel.

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Nobody's son is really a heartwarming book; I thoroughly recommend it to any fantasy readers, especially if they need a bit of cheering up!
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Travelling: London

I've had a very fun couple of days, with good people.

Thanks to midnightmelody for organizing a really excellent evening discussing Laws of Nature with Prof Lipton. I am also grateful to LJ for making it possible to get together a group of 7 people, none of whom knew all six others, to attend cool events.

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Generally, it was a really fun way to spend an evening, and in excellent company. Everybody present told me I need to come to karen2205's Coffee in Borders at some point, which seems like a good idea to me. Do any of the regular attendees want to suggest a particular date when they're likely to be there and / or offer me crash space in London?

On this occasion I stayed over with blue_mai; there are few people in the world I feel as comfortable around as her, so we had a lovely conversation. And she caught me up on gossip about mutual acquaintances and fed me tea and it was thoroughly lovely evening. *bounce*

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Finally, I met up with NZ for lunch. She has been given leave to finish the rest of her PhD in London, and not have to go back to Dublin where she was pretty unhappy. And she was eager to hear news of hatam_soferet and darcydodo. We had nice Italian meal in a fairly random restaurant near her flat in northwest London. Very good to see NZ again.