November 2nd, 2005



A few days ago, (in a locked post), angeyja asked:

What is on your kitchen table? When you look up from typing, what is around you where you are today?

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It's odd being in such a big house almost on my own. Granny mostly keeps to herself, though she's being more social than usual at the moment; I think she misses having people around too. I'm rather enjoying her company, and she seems to find me not too annoying. With Mum not around she feels less compelled to do ridiculously more housework than she can cope with, and understandably enough being less exhausted tends to improve her mood!

I'm spending a lot of time staring vaguely at LJ, displacing from getting stuff organized for the trip next week and displacing from writing emails, even though neither of those things is arduous. I think the lack of sunlight as well as the lack of human contact are getting to me a little (though I did see pseudomonas on Monday, which I enjoyed).
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