December 7th, 2005


There are no words

I have several long thinky posts in my head, but also things to do apart from posting to LJ. But just a note to remind me so I don't forget to talk about:
  • Religion and science
  • Gathering together some of the discussion about Narnia and the problem of Susan
  • I don't really have a short title for this, but I want to talk about how Aboriginal culture was presented to me when I was in Australia and how I feel about that and the implications for race relations. It's going to be tricky to talk about without offending people too, and my ideas are hazy anyway.
  • News update on all the people I saw on my trip

    And since there isn't much content to this post, have a link to the most inappropriate advert ever (and yes, it's genuine, not a parody). Thanks to dot_cattiness.
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