December 29th, 2005



So, the party report. Everything went amazingly well, everything I hoped for came about and I had a thoroughly wonderful time. Yay. That was one of the best parties I've ever had; thank you so much to all the lovely people who came.

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monanotlisa didn't make it to the UK and therefore didn't make it to the party, but sent me lovely card, thank you Mona! loreid couldn't come because her own birthday clashes with mine, but belated happy birthday to her and thanks for her lovely message too. lethargic_man is at Limmud but gave me A Deepness in the Sky which I'm looking forward to reading. rysmiel (who also has geography issues) sent me a wonderful parcel with bookies, which arrived on time despite Christmas, yay organized friends. And Granny gave me her antique silver hair ornament which was a present to her from Grandad, which is really touching. I did pretty well considering I told everyone not to give me presents! Oh, and I forgot to mention that doseybat gave me a funky genuine Ethnic Vietnamese shoulder bag, which is gorgeous and exactly what I need.

I was hoping to see fluffymark at the party, but he didn't make it. I hope everything's ok with you, Mark? But I'm happy about several of the other people who couldn't make it, because I tracked down lots of people I've semi or completely lost touch with to invite them, and lots of really cool friends have reestablished contact by replying to my party invitation with regrets. So all in all things are utterly wonderful. I should have parties more often!

Oh, and this would be my 500th LiveJournal entry. I'm pleased that it happens to be a memorable one.
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Book: A tale of love and darkness

Author: Amos Oz

Details: (c) 2003 Amos Oz & Keter Publishing House Ltd; Pub Vintage 2005; translated Nicholas de Lange 2004; ISBN 0-099-45003-8

Verdict: A tale of love and darkness (סיפור על אהבה וחושך) has some beautiful descriptions and interesting historical insights, but it didn't hold my interest as a story

Reasons for reading it: The Jewish book discussion group here picked it out, and I thought it sounded interesting anyway even though I actually missed the discussion.

How it came into my hands: My parents bought it to read for the discussion.

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