January 5th, 2006


Friending spree

I've friended a whole bunch of people I know slightly. Some through Support, some because they've friended me / and or comment on my posts, some people I've met briefly at parties, some because we have mutual friends and LJ is good at creating connections. My flist feels a little unwieldly at 125; 80 to 100 seems optimal to me personally. But then again, I don't have much I need to do at the moment, and meeting new cool people seems like a good use of my spare time.

So, hi new people. Have some virtual tea (or other virtual beverage if you're one of those tea-hating perverts). Welcome.

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And meanwhile, here is a comment thread for people to introduce themselves (to the rest of the friendslist, if as in many cases I already know who you are). Or ask me a question or two if you want to know something about me. There are no bad questions on this journal, though I might have to be careful about answering if the answer affects other people.

Of course, there's no prohibition on old friends taking part as well, if you feel like it! I'm planning to do another round of the matchmaking game sometime soon, but now that my friends list is scarily huge, it may take a while.
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Note to self

I should take more care to remember that many people find the term pervert offensive. I should therefore stop to think before I use it.

For the record, I am the last person in the world to get all moralistic and judgemental about what consenting adults do in bed or anywhere else. This is incredibly obvious to me, but not everybody knows me and it's very possible I am accidentally offending people. That's bad.

If anyone catches me making this error again, please do feel free to call me on it, and thanks to the person who spotted the potential ambiguity this time.
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