January 6th, 2006


Book: Two Lives

Author: Vikram Seth

Details: (c) Vikram Seth 2005; Pub Little, Brown 2005; ISBN 0-316-72774-1

Verdict: Two Lives is an interesting and personal memoir.

Reasons for reading it: I wouldn't normally read something so similar straight after A tale of love and darkness, but I had been planning to read Two Lives for ages and the library finally got it for me. So I had to read it before its return date as there is a long queue (which is why it took months to get to me in the first place!)

How it came into my hands: The village library, who are helpful and lovely (and when I went to return it today there was a whole queue of people waiting impatiently outside the door for the library to open)!

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If you read historical memoirs at all, I do recommend Two Lives.
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