January 9th, 2006

livre d'or

Comfort reading

I have some really interesting people on my friends list. You should all go and check out this comment thread where people are introducing themselves, because there are some really fascinating potted bios!

Also, tattycat asked me: What do you find yourself reaching for when you need comfort reading?

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Anyone else?
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Social diary

I had a lovely weekend. I was in synagogue as usual Saturday morning, then spent the evening at pseudomonas' housewarming party.

Definitely a geek party, and in a good way, with conversations about all kinds of random and highly abstract topics. For example, mobbsy brought a bottle of wine that was locked in a puzzle, and everybody was far more interested in the puzzle than the wine, ignoring several easily accessible bottles! It was cool to meet lots of pseudomonas' people, many of whom I have multiple connections to and had vaguely heard of / encountered on LJ. j4 (whom I did already know) made me laugh till I could hardly breathe. Anyway, lots of lovely people. And pseudomonas made stew; yay for real food at parties.

I kidnapped doseybat after the party and we had a very lovely evening and morning together. My parents are big Bat fans and even Granny was in a sociable mood. I enjoy doseybat's company so much.
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