January 18th, 2006


Book: The Sea House

Author: Esther Freud

Details: (c) Esther Freud 2003; Pub Penguin Books 2004; ISBN 0-141-01107-6

Verdict: The sea house is technically well-executed but unsatisfying as a whole.

Reasons for reading it: The Jewish book discussion group picked it as this month's choice.

How it came into my hands: My parents bought a copy for said book group, so I was able to read it more or less swapping off with my Dad.

Collapse )

The Sea House did provoke some very good discussion at the book group, though! Several of the group thought much more highly of the book than I did, and there was some suggestion that the kinds of things I found irritating were deliberate technique. Perhaps Freud is deliberately satirizing the standard romantic tropes, by writing a book about people trying to have relationships with romantic ideals and failing to notice the real people they interact with.
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