March 11th, 2006


Happy times

Various good things in my life at the moment:

A long phone conversation with compilerbitch. We reassured eachother about things we're both stressing about, and bounced ideas around, and it was just lovely.

I have quit my temp job. I'll miss it, in some ways, particularly the whole income aspect. In theory, I have quit in order to have more time to organize moving to Sweden, but in practice I suspect a lot of that extra time is going to be dedicated to cramming in as much socializing as I can manage before I leave the country. And playing on LJ, of course.

My (now ex)-colleagues clubbed together to give me a goodbye card with a message in Swedish. Which was a lot more than I was expecting given I'm a temp! They're a nice crowd, which makes even the dullest job more pleasant.

I got on particularly well with the other temp who started at the same time as me, CA. She's one of those people who are incredibly approachable; it took some effort to get her to talk about herself rather than just listen to me babbling. And I wasn't initially making that effort because it took me a while to notice that dynamic was going on. Anyway, she's lovely, and we've been chatting quite a lot when we had the opportunity to do so without it interfering with work. We've exchanged email addresses and all, so I need to be disciplined about actually staying in touch with her.

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The reason I was hanging around in town after finishing work was so that I could go to the Progressive students' Friday night service, which was, as ever, very pleasant.

I decided the other day that I feel like a person with long hair again. I'm still missing about 3 inches compared to when I had it cut last year, but to be fair that's 3 inches of split, ragged ends and general broken mess. It's amazing how much more comfortable I feel in my body when it's the body of a long haired person!
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