March 23rd, 2006

livre d'or

Book: Les liaisons dangereuses

Author: Choderlos de Laclos

Details: Originally published 1782; Pub Gallimard 1972; online text

Verdict: Les liaisons dangereuses (Dangerous liaisons) is well-written but rather disturbing.

Reasons for reading it: It's one of those keystones of European culture, really.

How it came into my hands: rysmiel reminded me that I'd been meaning to read it, when I happened to be in Montreal near lots of Francophone bookshops, so I could easily get hold of a copy. Yay.

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It's definitely a powerfully written book, and I think it's probably meant to be upsetting. Oh, and I suspect that reading all those elaborate 18th century sentences has done horrible things to my own writing style, sorry about that!
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Book: Down and out in the Magic Kingdom

Author: Cory Doctorow

Details: (c) 2003 Cory Doctorow; Pub 2003 Tor; ISBN 0-765-30953-X

Verdict: Down and out in the Magic Kingdom has a great setting but not much story.

Reasons for reading it / How it came into my hands: compilerbitch lent it to lethargic_man, and he gave it to me to return to her, whereupon she suggested that I should borrow it and read it myself.

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