March 27th, 2006


Can I ask a favour?

If you happen to see me in the next few weeks, please try to avoid making a big fuss over the fact that I'm about to move abroad. Quite a few people in the past few days have been doing the whole I'm probably not going to see you again thing when I try to leave. And I know it's well meant, and in fact I am flattered. Just I'm rather in denial about the fact that I'm about to move and break up this nice cosy situation where I have lots of free time and not too much geography between me and a sizeable group of cool people. And all those goodbyes get embarrassing, as well as reminding me of things I don't want to think about too hard.

After all, I'm not going to the ends of the earth. I mean, I know I considered doing just that at one stage, but as it happens, I'm only going to be a few hours away, and I will be back in the Cambridge / London area every so often.

This isn't directed at anyone in particular; several people have been doing this. I'm not criticizing, mind you, it's a perfectly rational thing to do, just, would you (collectively) mind respecting my foibles?
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