April 12th, 2006



brenna26 has decided to start posting in her journal. Yay. Everyone should go and be friendly to her, cos she's a very cool person. Plus, her introductory post contains some interesting thoughts about feminism which you might enjoy.

Conversely, brenna26, let me introduce you to some of my friends. You know darcydodo, though she's not online very much recently. And I think you've met lethargic_man (we were going out when I was in Dundee, and I think he came to visit a few times). I think you'll get on with doseybat and shreena, and I generally like introducing everybody to hatam_soferet, pseudomonas, compilerbitch and rysmiel (the last probably has the most interesting journal in terms of just reading stuff if you don't actually know the person). And I shall shut up before I overwhelm you, but yay, lots of cool people.

I am supposed to be helping organize things for the start of Passover this evening, so I'm not really online just now *cough*.
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