May 4th, 2006


An unexpected visitor

Today, the sun came out. And so did a beaver! I came in to work this morning and everyone was at the window pointing and getting excited because this animal had decided to come and swim in the little ornamental pond on campus. No idea how it got there (the pond is not directly connected to any natural waterways), and it was pretty distressed, poor thing. It's quite big, I'd guess not much short of a metre long. And it was poking its little beaver head above the surface and then getting scared at all the hordes of people trying to photograph it, and diving back under the water.

Anyway, there was a big rescue operation involving several fire engines and some animal rescue specialists and pumping out all the water from the pond. One of the scientists pointed out that there are places in the world where they can't even provide enough food and medicine for all the children, but in Sweden, they can afford to send the fire brigade to rescue a trapped beaver. She has a point, but people weren't buying it because, ee, beaver!

Other than that, things are going well socially. I have discovered how the tea making facilities work, always important. And I have been invited to a party at the weekend, and generally feel like I'm settling.
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