May 26th, 2006


Gratitude [testing email post]

Wow. I so have the coolest friends list ever. I post something whiny (locked because it's whining about work), and I'm in a really prickly mood and I start by ruling out the easiest ways of expressing sympathy and saying I don't want to hear from you unless you have something useful to say. I come back the next day and I have more than a dozen really wonderful comments.

Comments from people who cheer me up just by being there. Distractions, which are exactly what I need when I'm feeling down. Really sound, useful practical advice. Phone calls from people I care about. Supportive messages from people who are themselves coping uncomplainingly with much worse situations than anything I'm stressing about.

Also, my friends page is full of all kinds of good stuff, which is nothing to do with the fact that I was being emo on Wednesday, but it's really making me smile to read through it. There's a lot I want to respond to, either with comments or with my own spin-off posts, so the generally high quality of my friendslist is also a little frustrating because I can't engage with everyone properly. (I'm also frustrated because I'm missing a large proprotion of the friends page, I'm reading only my default filter and often just the posts, skimming the discussions.) But mostly it's really pleasing to know such erudite and witty and sensitive and articulate and generally wonderful people.

I have also, I think, set things up so I can post from email. Things like this post shouldn't wait until I next have LJ time, which could well be Sunday or Monday. It's not that I'm not allowed to read LJ from work, I don't think anybody is monitoring my usage, particularly, it's just that if I open LJ it will distract me for an hour at least, so it's better not to do that when I'm meant to be working! Anyway, this is a test to see if sending an email to the LJ posting system actually works as it should (other people's experience has suggested that it might mess up the formatting, but as long as it works, that's something).