July 3rd, 2006


Book: Possession

Author: AS Byatt

Details: (c) 1990 AS Byatt; Pub Vintage International 1991; ISBN 0-679-73590-9

Verdict: Possession is clever and delightful.

Reasons for reading it: When I was only able to bring three books with me to Sweden, this was one of them. It's not absolutely my favourite; Babel Tower is a stronger book but I only have it in hardback, and large paperbacks are better value for weight. And Possession is very well suited to being read slowly; it has taken me over two months to read it, which shows how strictly I've been rationing myself. And much as it is horrible spending this little time reading, Possession is very much worth savouring!

How it came into my hands: I bought it in a second-hand bookshop in California, the first time I went out to visit darcydodo in 2000.

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