July 10th, 2006



So, I have a new shiny computer (with a literally shiny purple mouse) and a very lovely internet connection. And since basically none of my friends live in the same country as me (though I'm working on that), I'm thinking I should get a system set up for internet-based telephony before I go broke from my phone bill.

Does anyone have any opinions which service I should choose? Collapse )

Probably the answer is just to download all of them and see how I get on with the aspects of the service that are free (calling other people on the service, and some form of primitive IM client). And then decide which is worth paying for. But anyone who's tried this kind of thing, I would welcome input.

Oh, and while we're on the subject, just in case anyone has been under a rock for the past few days, LJ now has a Jabber service. You need your username and password and the server is livejournal.com, port 5222. Seems reasonably cute, if somewhat gimmicky.
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