July 20th, 2006



There's lots of stressful stuff going on LJ at the moment, both in terms of difficult conversations shading into drama, and people posting about stress in their non-LJ lives. Someone posted the following in a community I belong to, and really, a sexy actor reading a sexy Shakespeare sonnet is something that needs to be propagated further. (I guess there might be some Kinsey 0 guys around who don't understand the appeal of Alan Rickman, but a good actor reading Shakespeare is worth something even so.)

Mmmmmm (Requires Flash, but it's one of the few sites that are worth it. And it's technically work-safe if you can get away with playing sound, since Shakespeare is generally exempt from the usual standards of what counts as erotic.)

j4, you might want to pay attention to this bit, if you're not too distracted by Alan Rickman. While I'm posting links, I was searching on my blog's tagline to find out where this journal is linked, and Google came up with some random badgers as a potentially relevant site. And how can anyone resist random badgers?
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