July 27th, 2006


There are even more cool people here than I thought!

Not new to LJ, and not really new to me either, but I've only just connected up the real people with their LJs: lavendersparkle and tzotze. *waves madly*

lavendersparkle is someone I met through the Cambridge Jewish community last year and know just about well enough to want to get to know her better. And I was introducing hatam_soferet to her when I was visiting Cambridge a couple of weeks ago and it turned out that Lavendersparkle had heard of Hatam_Soferet via LJ and neonchameleon. (I mentioned this as an edit to my post about that trip, but then I realized that's a silly way to make an announcement as not many people will see it.)

tzotze, on the other hand, I was friends with years ago and had lost touch with her. So I'm very excited that she's now here on LJ. Since her journal is friends only and partly anonymized I won't explain how I know her, but she is using her real (and rather unusual) name as her LJ handle so if you know her you'll be able to work out that you know her, IYSWIM. Which of course is how I worked out who she was when I was browsing friends of friends.
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