August 1st, 2006


Book: Against a Dark Background

Author: Iain M Banks

Details: (c) Iain M Banks 1993; Pub Orbit 1995; ISBN 1-85723-179-1

Verdict: Against a Dark Background is emotionally powerful but not really my thing.

Reasons for reading it: I was wildly enthusiastic about The player of games, and lethargic_man admonished me that I shouldn't go off and read everything of Banks' I could get my hands on, as the quality is mixed. So when he happened to be with me in a charity shop that had a fair number of Banks' SF books available, I was able to get him to remind me which were worth having, and he pointed me to this.

How it came into my hands: I went on a shopping spree in the big Oxfam Books in Cambridge last month.

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