August 10th, 2006

livre d'or

Book: The Greeks

Author: HDF Kitto

Details: (c) 1951, 1957 HDF Kitto; Pub Pelican (Penguin Books) 1979; ISBN 0-14-02-0220-X

Verdict: The Greeks is a romp and incidentally informative.

Reasons for reading it: I couldn't remember whether it's appropriate to read novels on a fast day, so I thought I'd use the excuse to start this, as I have a hard time starting non-fiction books sometimes. Not because I inherently dislike non-fiction, but because it doesn't always satisfy my craving for story. I think I might just as well not have bothered, both in terms of respecting the fast, and in terms of thinking I needed to motivate myself, because The Greeks is easily as fun as any novel!

How it came into my hands: Present from rysmiel.

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