August 30th, 2006


Book: Swordspoint

Author: Ellen Kushner

Details: (c) 1987 Ellen Kushner; Pub Tor 1989; ISBN 0-812-53644-4

Verdict: Swordspoint is both entertaining and thought-provoking

Reasons for reading it: I picked it up because I'd vaguely come across ellen_kushner on LJ, and people with good taste had said positive things about her. And I picked it up just now because I needed something take away the bad taste of The Black Prince. I don't think it's necessarily useful to identify high fantasy as escapist, but the awful Murdoch book left me craving something where at least I could identify the good guys even if it wasn't certain they would win.

How it came into my hands: I can't remember now, ack, I was doing so well with this log. My best guess is Dundee charity shops, but anyway it's a book I'd been vaguely intending to read for a while but there have been higher priorities.

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Happily, ploni_bat_ploni showed up while I was in the middle of this review. It was delightful to see her, and we excercised lots of willpower and managed to get to sleep at a reasonably sensible time. And then today I couldn't stop grinning randomly because of how cool she is. *bounce* So anyway, the book was lying by the computer while I was reviewing it, and she picked it up so I ended up lending it to her. Most pleasing, it's very much the kind of book that wants to be handed round.
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