September 17th, 2006


Book: Yendi

Author: Steven Brust

Details: (c) 1984 Steven Brust; Pub 1999 Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-00615-9

Verdict: Yendi is a good story with a great setting.

Reasons for reading it: I enjoyed Brokedown Palace by the same author, and various people recommended the Vlad Taltos series. Then I was put off reading it for a while because skzbrust was being irritating in a blog discussion I was participating in. I still can't entirely get used to the idea that authors are real people you can have political debates with! Eventually I decided that being irritated by Brust as a person constitutes a really bad reason not to read the book (if he had been actively obnoxious that's a different story, but just being bad at defending his political opinions in an online debate is fairly irrelevant).

How it came into my hands: rysmiel, who is wonderful, sent me a collected edition of the first three Taltos books as a housewarming present when I moved here. Then I stupidly forgot rysmiel's advice to read in publication order rather than chronologial, so I read the second book first, but never mind. I enjoyed it in any case.

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