September 21st, 2006


Too many deadlines

It's Rosh HaShana (Jewish New Year) tomorrow evening. Spiritually, I'm barely paying attention, practically I'm in chaos. I have to finish a grant application by, um, several hours ago. I have spent the last week and a half fretting about it rather than actually making progress. And the fretting has got in the way of doing any housework, any real communication with my people, or any logistics. Gah. I got through a whole Oxford degree without letting an essay crisis get to this point; what has happened to my willpower?!

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be going to an all-day conference, then going to the service for the start of RH, then somehow or other meeting up with ploni_bat_ploni to go to Chabad for a meal. The arrangements for meeting up are kind of vague, partly because of the aforementioned fretting instead of doing logistics, partly because ploni_bat_ploni is willing to pray with Chabad who are after all hosting her, and I'm really not. I'm going to get up as early as I can bear and blitz the last bit of the application. But I suspect I'm not going to make it to much of the conference, and that's really annoying. And I'm not sure what kind of a state I'll be in by the time I've done application, half of a brain-stretching conference (I hope!), service, meal and being polite to strangers and probably going on really late into the night, on 6 hours' sleep.

My watch is broken. I have left things at work that I really rather need today and tomorrow (the power adapter for the work laptop. My notebook, including the directions I wrote down for getting myself to the conference.) I am sleep deprived and about to make it worse. Lots of this stuff is my fault, which really doesn't make me feel any better.

On the positive side, though, people are playing online charades, which is amusing me no end.

Happy New Year to my Jewish friends, and happy random date in the middle of September to everyone else.