October 23rd, 2006



So lethargic_man came here for a long-anticipated visit last week. Collapse )

In other news, the syngagogue have voted to become fully egalitarian. I'm greatly relieved; this was by no means a foregone conclusion, and it'll make life here so much more pleasant.
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More about sharing domestic tasks

Go back and look at the poll I posted a few days ago. I mean, totally, it's an LJ survey, it means nothing at all. But look at just how many women do the majority of the housework, and there's always a good reason for it; they just happen to be the one more bothered by dirt, or they're better at housework than their partner, or their partner works long hours so they have more time... In each individual case, it's of course nothing to do with gender, but I think there's something going on beyond just random chance here.

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I don't have any suggestions for what can be done about this, mind you.