December 9th, 2006



Various stuff worth recording this week. Besides which, a few lovely concerned people worry about me if I go for ages without posting anything, so here's an update.

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Two annoying things, though. Firstly, my phone is being unreliable again; it's giving an engaged tone to people who try to call me, when to me it seems fine and is not at all engaged. This has caused me to miss calls from people I really wanted to talk to, pseudomonas and compilerbitch in particular. So if you've been trying to get hold of me and not managed to get through, that's why. I suggest writing me an email and asking me to call you if you want to speak to me, just to be sure.

The more serious negative is that Lyndon LaRouche's evil "Novelle Solidarité" group, the people responsible for the anti-semitic murder of my brother's friend in 2003, have set up a stall in the station just outside the campus where I work. They look like your standard lefty student protest group, with posters about how evil Bush is and protesting about the Iraq War, maybe just a smidge more glossy and professional than some. I don't even know what they're doing in Sweden. I guess looking for more naive students with lefty, anti-authoritarian views to sucker into their scary cult. They have no way of knowing that I'm Jewish, of course, but I'm really concerned about seeing them here.
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Guess what? Microsoft is still annoying!

Does anyone happen to know how to get IE7 and / or Windows Media Player 11 without also installing that evil "Windows Genuine Advantage" malware? I don't desperately need either, but it would be more convenient to have them than not. And my automatic update thing keeps trying to install them, and getting stuck when I tell it I don't want WGA.

Note: my copy of Windows is in fact perfectly legal. But I don't like WGA on principle, and I have also heard that it can give false positives and the last thing I need is for my computer to be locked because of a bug in the nasty intrusive program.
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