December 28th, 2006


Birthday cheer

I turned 28 yesterday. I was expecting a quiet, dull day, since nobody much is around on my birthday, and I had some work I was just going to get on with. But in fact my colleague RS spontaneously invited me to dinner, and I had a great evening at her place.

Also, I got birthday messages in various formats from my family (emails and ecards), lethargic_man (a physical birthday card in Arabic which actually arrived on the correct day, amazingly, as well as a text message), rysmiel (birthday card), ploni_bat_ploni (funky multi-coloured email), pseudomonas (email) and darcydodo (phonecall). lethargic_man and rysmiel even gave me bookies as well, so I've done exceedingly well this birthday. Yay for telecommunications, and yay for friends getting in touch with me.
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    Tallis: Christmas mass "Puer natus est nobis"
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