January 26th, 2007


Book: Woman on the edge of time

Author: Marge Piercy

Details: (c) 1978 Marge Piercy; Pub The Women's Press 1992; ISBN 0-7043-3837-8

Verdict: Woman on the edge of time is readable but overly simplistic.

Reasons for reading it: I absolutely hated Body of Glass and had determined never to touch anything by Piercy again. However, rysmiel recommended this when I posted a negative review of The Handmaid's Tale. I've read books on rysmiel's recommendation that have offputting titles and covers, that are in genres I'd never normally touch, and that deal with subjects I really don't care about, and almost all of them have turned out to be well worth it. So why not a book by an author I'd previously bounced off badly?

How it came into my hands: The big Oxfam bookshop in Cambridge last summer

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