February 23rd, 2007


Book: The good earth

Author: Pearl S Buck

Details: (c) 1931, 1958 Pearl S Buck; Pub Gulf & Western Corporation Pocket Books (some time between 1973 and now); ISBN 0-671-82349-3-250

Verdict: The good earth is a fascinating portrait of the protagonist and his culture.

Reasons for reading it / How it came into my hands: We were going through RS' hamper of books she was giving away, and one of her American friends recommended this as an American classic. I'm embarrassed at not having heard of an Anglophone Nobel laureate, though weirdly the book is very big on proclaiming that Buck won the Pulitzer Prize, with the Nobel tucked away as a tiny little afterthought that I might have missed if I hadn't been looking for it.

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Does anyone know of a good biography of Buck? From the blurb she sounds like she must have been a fascinating woman!
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